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Attendance? Attendance who? Oh yeah, YOU!

by Nella Citino -

Students, I know Mondays are rougher than sandpaper underwear, and Wednesdays seem to stretch longer than a giraffe's neck. But here's the thing: Classes exist in a parallel universe where time bends and the learning continuum never stops. NEITHER SHOULD YOU. Stop. You should never stop attending class. Why? This is your official invitation to escape the mundane reality and step into a classroom and learn from what will become your passion's work. Remember that feeling of accomplishment when you understand a complex topic? Yeah, that's like, 90% due to attending class. The other 10% is probably caffeine or an energy drink. So, do yourself a favor, and get your badonkadonk in class. And remember, if you miss three classes in a row, you dropped from that class like a hot potato. And who wants to be "that guy?" He's the equivalent of a walking landmine of awkwardness in an uncomfortable spotlight dance. Don't be that guy. --